Cataract is a condition in which there is opacification of the transparent human lens. It is the most common and leading cause of blindness, especially among elderly individuals. Cataract causing significant visual impairment is treated with surgery

Prior to surgery, a through slit lamp evaluation & detailed fundus examination is done. Also intraocular pressure & patency of nasolacrimal duct is checked. Keratometry and A-scan is done to calculate the intraocular lens power.

Various surgeries done in our hospital include ;

  1. Phacoemulsification cataract surgery with foldable IOL or multifocal IOL implantation.
  2. Small incision cataract surgery – (suture less) with posterior chamber IOL implantation.

These procedures are done on day care basis. Patient is discharged with adequate postoperative instructions. Cataract in children is also managed with detailed ocular examination, B-scan, and surgery (cataract removal + IOL implantation) and amblyopia treatment post operatively.

Some times the development of posterior capsule opacification is seen in a few cases after cataract surgery and this is adequately treated with YAG laser, Capsulotomy.

Lions Club International

The Lions Club International Foundation has liberally donated US $ 66695 for the development of this hospital under project SF-732. As a part of this fund, the first installment of US $ 44640 (Rs.21,83,362) was released in 2003 and the remaining part of the fund was released in 2005 out of which Ophthalmic equipments required for the hospital were purchased.

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