Diabetic Eye Care

  • MRC Eye Hospital
  • MRC Eye Hospital

Screening of all the diabetic patients for diabetic retinopathic changes is done with regular follow up. In diagnosed diabetic retinopathy patients, appropriate treatment in the term of laser/ intravitreal injections / surgery is advised.

Retina :We are equipped with all the instruments required for diagnosis and management of posterior segment pathology like ;

  1. Fundus Flueroscnence Angiography
  2. B-Scan
  3. Fundus camera
  4. Laser
  5. Vitrectomy machine

All the minor and major basic surgical procedures are done on day care basis like ;

  1. Intravitreal injection
  2. Pars plana vitrectomy
  3. Macular hole surgery
  4. Retina detachment surgery
  5. Pneumoretinopexy
  6. Endolaser

Lions Club International

The Lions Club International Foundation has liberally donated US $ 66695 for the development of this hospital under project SF-732. As a part of this fund, the first installment of US $ 44640 (Rs.21,83,362) was released in 2003 and the remaining part of the fund was released in 2005 out of which Ophthalmic equipments required for the hospital were purchased.

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