Mysore Race Club Eye Hospital Hi-Tech Equipments

Auto Refractometer

Auto Refractometer :
For automated power calculation for precise spectacle correction.

Humphrey Field Analyser

Humphrey Field Analyser :
Used to assess the field of vision.

Useful tool in glaucoma to know the extent of optic nerve damage. Periodic testing helps to assess the progression of disease. Field testing is also done in certain neurological conditions like pitutary tumors.

Humphrey Field Analyser costing Rs.12 Lakhs

Yag Laser

Machine used to treat posterior capsular cataract opacification.

To do peripheral iridotomy in cases of narrow angle glaucoma.

YAG Laser costing Rs.14 Lakhs.

Argon Green Laser

Argon Green Laser :
Boon to patients with diabetic retinopathy to treat /stabilize the potential blinding diabetic retinopathy changes, Also useful in cases of vascular occlusions & retinal holes & breaks.

Argon Green Laser costing Rs.21 Lakhs

Fundus Camera

Fundus Camera :
Photographic evidence and to keep a tract on progression of retinal conditions and for patient education in certain posterior segment (Retinal diseases).

Fundus Camera costing Rs.15 Lakhs.

Slit Lamp Photography

Slit Lamp Photography :
To document pathologies of lids, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, lens & pupil, also helpful in patient education.


Pachymetry :
Device used to measure corneal thickness.

Useful tool in glaucoma & pre-operative evaluation of refractive surgeries.


Keratometry :
(a) to obtain exact parameters for Contact lens fitting.

(b) for exact calculation of intra ocular lens power calculation


A-Scan :
Along with keratometer, very much important in intra ocular lens power calculation before cataract surgery.


B-Scan :
Ultrasound scanning to detect any pathology in retina, optic nerve, vitreous, sclera & extraocular muscles. Useful in detecting retinal detachment, intraocular tunours & vitreous haemorohage in patients with media opacities.


Phacoemulsification :
Hospital is equipped with Laureate phacoemulsification machine (Alcon) which caters to the present day requirement of phaco surgery for cataract. Both monofocal and multifocal intraocular lenses are implanted in the hospital (Restor Technis , acrysof IQ aspheric lenses). These hi-tech operations are performed through a small 2.8mm incision by skilled surgeons with much expertise & skill. There is early & excellent visual recovery with this state of the art technique.

Apart from this manual sutureless cataract surgeries are also performed here with implantation of intra ocular lens with high success rate.

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