Cornea is highly transparent and sensitive structure o f the eye.

Any kind of insult to it in the form of injuries, foreign body etc… leads to intense irritation, lacrimation (watering of eye), congestion (redness), photophobia (intolerance to light) etc…. such cases are easily treated in the OPD-Consultation room by removal of foreign bodies under magnification with the help of slit lamp under topical local anesthesia

Ulcers caused by fungus, bacteria and viruses, especially seen with contact lens wearers and in trauma, are treated with topical antibiotics and other medication if necessary. Such patients are properly followed up & care is taken till complete cure of ulcer occurs.

Lions Club International

The Lions Club International Foundation has liberally donated US $ 66695 for the development of this hospital under project SF-732. As a part of this fund, the first installment of US $ 44640 (Rs.21,83,362) was released in 2003 and the remaining part of the fund was released in 2005 out of which Ophthalmic equipments required for the hospital were purchased.

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