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Poster and Presentation

Paper presentation & display of posters in the state Ophthalmic conference along with subject consultants.

  1. Karnataka State Ophthalmic Conference Nov. 2001-2002 (Mysore) “Early Transition to Direct Phaco Chop by beginners”.
  2. Southern Regional Ophthalmic Conference: SROC Nov.2002 – 2003 (Manipal ) “A study of complications during first 1000 Phaco surgeries”
  3. “Comparative study of Small incision cataract surgery with conventional ECCE in camp cases” ; won “Best Paper” award in community Ophthalmology
  4. Karnataka State Ophthalmic Conference 2007-2008 “Out come of conventional trabeculectomy with or without cataract surgery”- Won 3rd best paper presentation
  5. “A study of corneal burn in clear corneal v/s sclerocorneal approach during phacoemulsification cataract surgery in 100 eyes”
  6. Sphincterotomy – A safe procedure in small pupils”
  7. Incidence of posterior capsular opacification following PMMA-IOL implantation
  8. Comparison of YAG posterior capsulotomy following implantanion of acrylic foldable v/s PMMA- IOL’s.
  9. Visual outcome in first 1000 phacoemulsification eyes with foldable IOL’s.

Posters Exhibited in conferences:

  1. Neuro Fibromatosis.
  2. Orbital Varices – An interesting case.
  3. Zero Endophthalmitis in > 25,000 cases of cataract surgery.
  4. A case of CMV retinitis in Good Pasture’s syndrome.
  5. Ocular manifestations in fibrous dysplasia- A case report .
  6. Safe protocol for Nd;YAG laser posterior capsulotomy – Won “Best Poster” Award in 2010.
  7. Spinchterotomy in small pupils during SICS PG students participated in the PG Forum

    1. Karnataka Ophthalmic Society conference 2010 held at Udupi
      “Management of Trumatic Hyphaema”
    2. Karnataka Ophthalmic Society Conference 2011 held at Banglore

      Poster - “Orbital Blow out Fracture”
      Presentation - “Blepharophimosis”

Hands on Training By MRCEH

By making the students assisting procedures like excision of lid & conjunctional swellings, Chalazion, Sac surgeries & cataract & glaucoma surgeries; later independently allowing them to do the same.

Lectures, Seminars & monthly written tests are being regularly conducted on various topics on Basic Sciences, Cornea, Glaucoma, Cataract, Orbit, Extraocular diseases, Retina etc.

Allowing them to attend monthly meetings/seminar/symposia conducted by Mysore Ophthalmic Association & Karnataka State Ophthalmic Society at various places in the state.

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