Refraction / Contact Lens

  • MRC Eye Hospital
  • MRC Eye Hospital

Hospital is equipped with streak retinoscope, Auto refractometer & keratometery to find out exact refractive error in patients (Adults & children) who are subsequently prescribed spectacles.

Various types of contact lenses like rigid gas permeable, semi soft & soft contact lenses are also dispensed.

Freedom from glasses use contact lenses ;

  1. For better field of vision
  2. Comfort
  3. For better cosmesis

Common indication for contact lenses ;

  1. Refractive errors – myopia, astigmatism (toric contact lens)
  2. Coloured cosmetic contact lens to suit the persons choice of iris colour – Heterochromia Iridis (vary colouring texture of iris)
  3. Bandage contact lens to treat corneal injuries.

Lions Club International

The Lions Club International Foundation has liberally donated US $ 66695 for the development of this hospital under project SF-732. As a part of this fund, the first installment of US $ 44640 (Rs.21,83,362) was released in 2003 and the remaining part of the fund was released in 2005 out of which Ophthalmic equipments required for the hospital were purchased.

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